Luxury executive villa
within 100 meters of the Kremlin

Villa on Volkhonka

Moscow, Volkhonka 6, bldg. 2


The Volkhonka district is a kind of artistic and intellectual centre of old Moscow.

There are many museums, galleries and many other cultural attractions within walking distance, including the Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts, the Alexander Shilov Gallery, the Moscow State Art Gallery of Ilya Glazunov and the Russian State Library.
Alexandrovsky garden
near the Moscow Kremlin
Pushkin Museum
of Fine Arts
to Prince Vladimir
The State
Alexander Shilov
arts gallery
Ilya Glazunov
arts gallery

Classical style

The building is built in a classical style in accordance with a unique design, which sets it apart from many modern building and serves to highlight the special status of the owner.
Main features

Area, sq.m

Underground parking, slots

Above ground levels

Underground levels

Incredible views

The executive area and some office rooms have phenomenal views of Russia's historic symbols of Russia - the Kremlin, the Pashkov House, the Monument to Prince Vladimir and the Church of Christ the Savior. The villa's rooftop has space for an open-air terrace with views of historic Moscow, with its quiet courtyards and monumental 20th century buildings.

Modern utilities

The building is equipped with modern mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems. There is a ventilation and air purification system that also maintains the right humidity levels in order to keep the air fresh. Heat supply is provided from central heating network through an individual heating unit. The electric power output is 950 kW. Luxurious, silent Italian ELEX elevators will deliver guests to any floor of the building in a matter of seconds. The service area (ventilation chambers, water measuring unit, central heating unit and technical premises) is located on the basement floor.

Convenient floor plans

1 Floor
2 Floor
3 Floor
4 Floor
5 Floor

Underground levels

-1 Floor
-2 Floor
-3 Floor


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Moscow, Volkhonka 6, bldg. 2
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